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Legend Musashi
A hero, who used Lumina, the Sword of Luminescence, to seal away The Wizard of Darkness.

A sword that was used by Musashi to seal away the Wizard of Darkness. By uniting with the Five Scrolls, it exhibits extraordinary powers.

The Five Scrolls
The Powers of the Wizard of Darkness were separated and divided into 5 forces: Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and Sky, and were sealed onto these scrolls. They may be liberated and absorbed by Lumina.

The Five Crests
A hidden path may be unlocked when a crest unites with its corresponding scroll.

Legendary Armor
The armor worn by Brave Fencer Musashi. It’s said that there are five pieces, but…

It’s a Binchotite!
A supreme form of energy which is mined mainly in the vicinity of Allucaneet. When underground it exists in a liquid state, however, when it is exposed to air, it crystallizes.

Bravi Bincholon!
A solid fuel made by refining Binchotite. It is used extensively from industrial to household uses.

Used for fueling household heaters and stoves… …Indispensable for everyday life.

Side Effects
Bincotite, the raw material of Bincholon is toxic. There have been reported cases of plants and animals mutating after being exposed to it.

Allucaneet Palace
The home of the Allucaneet Royal Family. By being built on top of a cliff, it is well protected from attack.

Grillin’ Village
A village beneath Allucaneet Palace. It was originally built for mining Binchotite, but now exists as a residential town.

A refining machine that pumps up underground Binchotite and processes it into Bincolon… Built with the Thirstquencher Empire.

Hell’s Valley
As the topography of the land was appropriate, a high security prison was built… Great effort must be exhibited to open the gate, which is presently closed off.

Island of Dragons
Long ago, there lived a dragon on this island. It is said that the island sank beneath the ocean…yet, this has not been proven.

The Empire
The Empire
An empire with advanced steam engine technology… Ruled by Emperor Thristquencher and at peace with Allucaneet Kingdom.

The Emperor
The ruler of Thirstquencher Empire… His only son will be his successor.

Bincho Fields
A restraining weapon developed by Thirstquencher’s army… Able to seal up solid objects. Highly concentrated Bincho Energy.

Bincholoid Project
A large-scale project to develop a man-made army utilizing Bincholon.

Soda Fountain
The central district of the Thirstquencher Empire… …and was nearly annihilated by The Wizard of Darkness.

Let’s Play Shogi!
What is Shogi?
Shogi is a favourite pastime of this realm, similar to chess. Each player has one King, Rook and Bishop, two each of Gold, Silver, Knight and Lance, and nine Pawns…for a total of 20 pieces. Each player uses strategic methods to outwit his opponent in order to win the game.

The Gold
The Gold can be moved one space in any direction, except diagonally.

The Knight
The Knight can be moved two spaces up and one space right or left.

The Lance
The Lance can be moved any number of spaces up.